Rezansoff Award
Who is Jaqueline Rezansoff?
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Jacqueline Rezansoff (né Perrin) was born in Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.  Jacqueline completed primary and secondary school in Duck Lake and her university studies at the University of Saskatchewan.

As a teacher she was the standard of excellence.  She knew how to motivate and inspire her students to learn.  As an educational consultant, she knew how to assist and encourage her French teachers.

She served on two provincial committees created by the Minisstry of Education for Core French. During the years
that were to follow, she devoted herself tirelessly to the work of these two committees.  At the request of the Ministry, she completed several large projects.

Jaqueline's colleagues very much appreciated her role as a leader.  Year after year she gave serveral workshops at the SATF's annual conference.   At university level she was always ready to lend her support to various programming committees.

Nominate a Recipient
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The Executive of the Saskatchewan Association of Teachers of French is currently accepting nominations for the Jacqueline Rezansoff Award.

Jacqueline Rezansoff was a pioneer in the promotion of Core French in Saskatchewan.  Known as an exemplary teacher and educational consultant (a position she held with the Saskatoon Catholic School Division for sixteen years) ... and especially for the huge role she played in the development of Core French programs.  Her untimely death in November 1981 was a tremendous loss for us all.

To commemorate the dedication of this remarkable pioneer, the SATF has instituted the Jacqueline Rezansoff Award awarded each year at its annual conference.

The selection criteria for the Award are:

1. Dedication - always at the service of students
2. Work - performs his or her duties in an exemplary manner
3. Excellence - seeks perfection while taking into account the circumstances
4. Experience - number of years of teaching French or teaching in French in Saskatchewan
5. Development - participates in training and personal and professional development, or plans and coordinates personal or professional development.

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Prix Rezansoff Recipients
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1983 William Hubbard
1984 Victor Lalonde
1985 Eric Poliquin
1986 Yolande Marchildon
1987 Louis Julé
1988 Laurent Happ
1989 Peter Charles
1990 Joyce Booth
1991 Anita Begrand
1992 Harvey Chatlain
1993 Françoise Kartha
1994 Kate Saunders
1995 Madeleine Marchildon
1996 Rachelle Jennings
1997 Maurice Chalifour
1998 Micheline Jacobson
1999 Jaqueline Jackson
2000 Jacqueline Colleaux
2001 Janet Devitt
2002 Suzanne Styles
2003 Solange Sibilleau
2004 Stan Frey
2005 Sandra Williams
2006 Bernard Laplante
Denis Carignan
2008 Marie Fagnou
2009 Bev Anderson
2011 Lucie Anderson
Céline Patenaude
2014 Janie Généreux
2015 Hélène Préfontaine
2017 Isabelle Campeau