Canadian Natural Wonders Near The City


Less than two hours by car from Toronto, you will find Canada’s most famous natural wonder: Niagara Falls. You might think that if you saw them once, you’ve already seen everything. Still, the sound of water as you get closer, the breeze on your face when you turn 50 meters up to a real natural wonder and the magnitude of the force of the falls makes you feel it to the bone marrow … the reality is that all this is something we will never get tired of. Also, the Niagara Falls community is a city in its own right, full of attractions, entertainment, and amazing cuisine. If you are looking to experience a natural Canadian wonder, this is the option.

Many people are surprised to discover that there is a waterfall that is one and a half times higher than Niagara Falls and is minutes away from Quebec City. At 272 feet, the Montmorency Falls is a place worth admiring, both from within the city, and face to face in the park of the Montmorency Falls (Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, in French). Walk near the base or get on the cable car that takes you to the top and offers a spectacular view. The most intrepid visitors can go hiking on any of the three Ferrata roads, and stop at the viewpoints of the road to make Instagram-worthy shots, or even cross the falls in zip lines.

Aurora borealis

Canada offers some of the best views of the Northern Lights around the world, and sometimes you don’t even have to leave the city to enjoy them.

The Northwest Territories offer some of the best, if not the best, views of northern lights in the world. To see bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows dancing through the night sky, all you have to do is look out the window of your hotel in the capital city Yellowknife, which is known as the “capital of the auroras in North America.” Within the city, you can also experience the northern lights in dog sleds or a comfortable teepee.

The capital of Yukon, Whitehorse, is also a fantastic place to see this natural wonder in action. The city itself is sometimes found under multicolored skies. Only 20 minutes from the city, you can leave the lights behind and enjoy the auroras in the middle of nature, before going to sleep at a tent in the style of gold diggers.


Get on the ferry and travel to Toronto Island and its three fabulous beaches. Lie on your towel and enjoy the best of nature with beautiful views of the city.

Finally, about an hour northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is Grand Beach, sometimes listed as one of the best beaches in the country. There, on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, you will find dunes that rise to almost 40 feet and excellent opportunities for sunning and swimming.

Last but not least, it is the tiny Dead Sea of Canada, Lake Little Manitou. These properties have the

ir origin in the concentration of mineral salts, magnesium, silica and potassium, among other minerals in the water. Go float or rejuvenate your body.

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