Canadian Students Remain Among The Best Performers In The World


Canada has ended up being a perfect place for college research studies, looked for by many potential global students. A lot of the Canadian universities exist in reputed global rankings and a current instructional method set by the Canadian Ministry of Education on increasing the variety of foreign students. This suggests that global students originating from any part of the world are now more than welcome in Canada, so it is no surprise it ended up being so popular in this sense.

The comprehensive instructional strategy motivates foreign students to pursue tasks throughout their Bachelor’s or Master’s research studies and to stay in the nation for work chances after graduation.

On December 6, the last edition of the PISA (International Program for Student Evaluation) of the OECD was published, which measures the performance of students from all over the world in the areas of science, reading, and mathematics, through a exam that takes place every three years, the last one in 2015.

While it is true that it is very complicated to measure the quality of education systems at the international level, an objective criterion such as the results obtained in standardized level tests is undoubtedly a valid indicator of the basic knowledge that these systems are managing to transfer to their students, and in many occasions, it is used as a mechanism for comparing educational quality between countries.

As was the case in the last editions of the Report, Canada has obtained a result superior to that of any other English-speaking country in the three subjects analyzed, in addition to being among the countries with the best results globally in all of them, always well above the OECD average.


The PISA report provides quantitative results based on student performance and allows a ranking by subject. Below we summarize the comparative results between Canada, the other English-speaking countries listed in the Report and Spain.

In science, Canada has reached 7th place on the list, while students from other English-speaking countries have not obtained such positive results. In fact, the next, New Zealand, is ranked 12th, followed by Australia on the 14th, while one behind, in the 15th, is the United Kingdom. Ireland enters the hairs in the top 20 with the 19th position. Below are the United States (25th) and Malta (41st). For its part, Spain is in 30th place.

In reading, Canada gets the 3rd best result in the world, ahead of all its English-speaking persecutors. With Ireland in 5th place, New Zealand in 10th, Australia in 16th, the United Kingdom in 22nd, the United States in 24th and Malta in 44th. Spain improves in this area, placing itself in the 25th position.

Finally, in mathematics, Canada returns to lead in the 10th overall position, followed by Ireland (18th), New Zealand (21st), Australia (25th), United Kingdom (27th), Malta (35th) and United States (40th). As for Spain, it is ranked 32nd in this area.

These results only strengthen our conviction that Canada is the ideal country to learn English and live a full immersion experience at a local school surrounded in many provinces like Saskatchewan and other Canadian provinces by native classmates.

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