Things Canada Does Better Than Any Other Country


Who would not expect great things from the second-largest landmass in the world? This is a nation that accumulates enough prosperity, natural beauty, and ingenious talent to serve a population 100 times larger.

But Canada is more than enough space, good roads, respectable benches, promotional posters of horse-mounted police, sweet views of the Niagara Falls, and the tired frenzy of the media are the controversy of the mayor who admitted smoking crack.

Modesty is one of the most adorable Canadian virtues, along with these six national assets that make Canada special.


In Canada, apologies happen constantly; “Forgiveness” comes from everywhere, like a swarm of friendly killer bees. Apologies are issued not only for some insignificant setbacks but for really having the nerve to be at the receiving end of one.

2.Lagos And Country Houses

Only the province of Ontario contains about a third of the world’s freshwater, distributed in 250,000 lakes. No wonder that “going to the lake” is more than a favorite national phrase.

It is Canada’s sacred version of fleeing the territory, but with cabins equipped with Muskoka chairs, Kevlar canoes, and the conflict between listening to Gordon Lightfoot or the sounds of the somorgujos. Recently, Ontario’s main lake district, Muskoka, was designated by National Geographic Traveler as the main destination for summer travel from around the world.


In a recent study of the national air quality conducted by the World Health Organization, Canada won third place for having the cleanest air on the planet. Until the first and second place (Estonia and Mauritius) appear in the CNN Travel series “better than anywhere else,” we encourage you to take a break in Canadian cities, which on average, have a relatively untouched amount of 13 micrograms of PM10 particles per square meter.

4.Country Of Skiing

Sitting on the other side of the border of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Vermont would be intimidating to most countries selling their own sprinkled earrings. Not Canada; they boast some of the best reasons to carry your skis or snowboard a little further north.

In the west, there is Lake Louise, placed right in the middle of the beautiful Banff National Park, and a series of dusty shelters in the eastern part of British Columbia.

In the east, Quebec is with its Lauretians happy to make beer commercials, where après-ski does not need a translation. Heli-skiing? That all started in Saskatchewan, which remains one of the best places to do it.

5.National Brand

No national symbol is more ubiquitous than the leaf of the Canadian maple tree. From Newfoundland to Victoria, it is everywhere you turn to see; A proud and unforgiving reminder of where you are. Not in the United States. Not in Australia Not in Nigeria, Canada.

Generations of Canadian backpackers carry the flag and are famous for embroidering patches of maple leaves to their bags so that everyone, at a glance, is clear about who they are.

6.Adorable Terms And Phrases

While you may find it hard to find a real place, using a touch that tells someone “hoser” or told them to “go away,” Canadians do call their two-dollar coins “two-four.” To beer crates and serviettes napkins when they are with special guests.

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